The Bar

Mon – Tue: 6PM – 12AM
(when shows are scheduled)
Wed – Thu : 7PM – 1:00AM
Fri – Sat: 6PM -1:30AM
Sun: 7PM – 1:00AM


Drinks purchased at the bar may be brought into performances.



PBR (can) $3
Schlitz Tallboy (16oz) $5
Stiegl Gold (16.9oz can) $7
Anchor Fog Breaker IPA $6
Lagunitas IPA $7
Leffe Blonde $7
Lefthand Nitro Milk Stout $8
Delirium Tremens 16oz $9
Sketchbook Brewing Orange Door IPA $9
Collective Arts Rhyme & Reason Extra Pale $9
Founder’s Breakfast Stout $6

PKNT Sauvignon Blanc $8
PKNT Cabernet Sauvignon $8
Mionetto Prosecco (split) $8


Mules $8
base spirit, lime, 1:1 simple syrup, ginger beer
Hot Toddy $8
whiskey or rum, earl grey syrup, lemon, cloves
Old Fashioned $11
Marker’s Mark, Angostura, Regan’s orange, 1:1 simple syrup
Manhattan $11
Rittenhouse Rye, Carpano Antica, Angostura
Negroni $11
Dry Gin, Carpano Antica, Campari