Jon Mueller’s Death Blues, Vaster Than Empires – Tickets – Constellation – Chicago, IL – July 13th, 2014
Jon Mueller's Death Blues, Vaster Than Empires

Frequency Series Presents

Jon Mueller's Death Blues

Vaster Than Empires

Sun, July 13, 2014

8:30 pm


Chicago, IL


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This event is 18 and over

Jon Mueller's Death Blues
Jon Mueller's Death Blues
DEATH BLUES is the multi-disciplinary project of drummer and percussionist Jon Mueller (VOLCANO CHOIR). For this rare tour, a trio plays variations of the material from the project's Non-fiction LP, released July 2014 by Sige Records.

The intense rhythm of drums and double hammered acoustic guitars provide a driving, minimalist framework for hypnotic, trance-like, wordless vocals, culminating in a maximal, sonically encompassing experience.

Jon Mueller has performed throughout North America, Japan, United Kingdom, and Europe, and has released recordings on labels such as Table of the Elements, Polyvinyl Records, Type Recordings, Jagjaguwar, Hometapes, SIGE Records, Taiga Records, and many others. Solo concerts at New Museum (New York), The Arnolfini (Bristol, UK), Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, (Montréal, QC), Issue Project Room (New York), Guggenheim Museum (New York), Alverno Presents (Milwaukee), Hopscotch (Raleigh), SXSW (Austin) and Cafe OTO (London, UK) have been described by audiences as resilient, intense, and meditative. He was a founding member of the groups Volcano Choir, Collections of Colonies of Bees, and Pele. He has also worked with Mamiffer, Rhys Chatham, James Plotkin, Marcus Schmickler, Bhob Rainey, Asmus Tietchens, Z’EV, Jason Kahn, and many others.

Jon Mueller - drums, vocals
Jim Warchol - hammered acoustic guitar
Ken Palme - hammered acoustic guitar
Vaster Than Empires
Vaster Than Empires
Vaster Than Empires thrives on extremes, seeking/wishing/pretending to cajole music from barren silences and synaptic turmoil. “This peculiar multi-generational trio,” Peter Margasak observes, “generates more than the sum of its diverse parts.” The result is a journey through exotic landscapes, tiny and huge, near and far, above and below, led by players who are comfortable with the discomfort of exploring the nether regions of the space-time continuum.

Violinist Erica Dicker navigates the space between lush, drone-like sound-scapes to brutal, grating textures, subjecting her instrument to abuse with objects such as chains, screws, and battery-powered fans. Percussionist Allen Otte, a founding member of the paradigm-shifting Percussion Group Cincinnati, brings a wild diversity of sounds to the table, employing instruments ranging from bicycle wheel to ‘prepared yangqin’—a Chinese dulcimer turned into a drummer’s prepared piano. “The ever-changing universe of sounds this pair creates in real-time is effectively manipulated, processed, and re-shaped by sound artist and composer Paul Schuette, who masterfully connects the tactile eruptions, scrapes, and thrums with simpatico grace, leaving a full complement of physicality in the ears of listeners.” [-Margasak]

Vaster Than Empires is:
Erica Dicker - violin, baritone violin, various percussive materials
Allen Otte - prepared yang-chin, amplified bicycle wheel, rocks, beer can...
Paul Schuette - laptop, synthesizer
Venue Information:
3111 N. Western
Chicago, IL, 60618