Mike Reed’s Flesh & Bone, Jus Hambone – Tickets – Constellation – Chicago, IL – April 28th, 2017
Mike Reed's Flesh & Bone, Jus Hambone

Mike Reed's Flesh & Bone

Jus Hambone

Fri, April 28, 2017

8:30 pm


Chicago, IL


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Mike Reed's Flesh & Bone
Mike Reed's Flesh & Bone
Greg Ward - alto sax
Ben Lamar Gay - cornet
Tim Haldeman - tenor sax
Jason Stein - bass clarinet
Marvin Tate - vocals
Mike Reed - drums
Jason Roebke - bass

Kim Alpert - video

Flesh & Bone represents the culmination of a journey drummer, composer, and bandleader Mike Reed never wanted to embark on, but delivered into the midst of a racially charged rally and subsequent riot in Prerov. Czech Republic he found himself with no choice. While on tour in tour with his quartet People, Places and Things in April of 2009 a conductor instructed the band that a scheduling change required them to change trains in order to make it to their final destination, Krakow. The group soon realized the conductor was less interested in helping them out than in dropping them into a very frightening situation. Skinheads surrounded the train station and the rally exploded into a street battle with attack dogs, tear gas, riot police and the band: two white and two black American musicians. Thanks to protection provided by local authorities, the musicians finally escaped harm and left for Poland. The ordeal occupied eight harrowing hours and illustrated a new iteration of racism rippling through Eastern Europe. It took years for Reed to fully process the experience, which haunted him.

Finally, seven years after the original encounter in Prerov an aural inspiration is being released. The program of music skirts any direct and obvious narrative references to the Czech experience, but rather looks at larger questions that the experience raised. Since Reed conceived of the project a series of populist movements such as Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as US president has added a frightening resonance to the effort. “The fact that ideas of nationalism and scapegoating have been resurgent on such a large scale is terrifying,” says Reed. “The sensationalism of my story now doesn’t seem all that. The religious intolerance and the increased incidents affecting people of color at the hands of the authorities has, of course, defined new moments of inequality in America and all around the world, but I think that a lot of young people of color and white liberals felt the deep pains of otherness in the truths that the election uncovered. The boogie man that your parents warned you about does exist.”
Jus Hambone
Sam Lewis presents his marionette, Jus Hambone
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3111 N. Western
Chicago, IL, 60618