Samul-nori in Chicago 2020 (June 26) – Tickets – Constellation – CHICAGO, IL – June 26th, 2020
Samul-nori in Chicago 2020 (June 26)

Samul-nori in Chicago 2020 (June 26)

Ages 18+
8:30 pm // $20 // 18+

Korean Performing Arts Institute of Chicago (KPAC) is dedicated to developing and promoting the traditional Korean performing arts, particularly Korean drumming, dance, and music. With five artists in residence from Korea, KPAC delivers approximately 80 performances each year including concerts, workshops, and other events, impacting an audience of 25,000 people annually. 

Samul-nori in Chicago presents the authentic samul-nori programs:

  • Binari – a song to wish good fortune and health
  • Sul-janggu – a collection of dynamic janggu (hourglass shaped drum) rhythms
  • Samul-nori - a modern interpretation of traditional Korean drumming
  • Sangmo Pankut – a Korean drumming and dance program, featuring the sangmo (ribboned hat)
  • Guest performances – Korean instrumental music

Byoung Sug Kim – percussion

Chansoo Lee – percussion

Yun Sil Jang – percussion, vocals

Woosung Jung – daegeum (bamboo flute)

Eui Chan Cho – percussion

Suwan Choi – percussion

Jenna Yang – gayageum (string instrument)