Keith Fullerton Whitman // John McCowen – Tickets – Constellation – CHICAGO, IL – February 29th, 2020
Keith Fullerton Whitman // John McCowen
Frequency Festival 2020

Keith Fullerton Whitman // John McCowen

Ages 18+
8:30pm // $15 // 18+

Keith Fullerton Whitman

Brooklyn-based electronic music artist Keith Fullerton Whitman gives his first Chicago performance in seven years, performing a new iteration of his Redactions series. The Redactions (2015-) constitute an ongoing exploration surrounding the extraction of "peaks," or "transients" from geographically & thematically relevant audio materials given a particular realization or performance; the source materials utilized are invariably derived from a conceptual layer wrapped around the geography or setting of the eventual performance, blurring the line between what is inherently acoustic and/or electronic. In its essence it is a way to improvise within the rigidity of seemingly fixed audio signals. It is exclusively a live-performance work, performed in stereo & 4-channel quad arrays & as of yet remains undocumented by a tangible commercial recording.

John McCowen

John McCowen is a Brooklyn-based composer and performer. His work focuses on extending the possibilities of the clarinet family. John embraces long-form drones, difference tones, and beating harmonics as a means to extrude the dimensions within - treating the clarinet as an acoustic synthesizer. In his own words he creates “polyphonic drones emitting from a single length of tube.”