Jacob Slocum’s Rose Window and The Deacon Board – Tickets – Constellation – CHICAGO, IL – December 11th, 2019
Jacob Slocum's Rose Window and The Deacon Board

Jacob Slocum's Rose Window and The Deacon Board

Ages 18+
Album Release Show

1st Set

With Rose Window

Jacob Slocum (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet), Lenard Simpson (alto), Dustin Laurenzi (tenor), Quentin Coaxum (trumpet), Katie Ernst (voice), Zara Zaharieva (violin), Matt Ulery (bass), Xavier Breaker (drums), and Julius Tucker (piano)

2nd Set

With The Deacon Board

Jacob Slocum (baritone saxophone and bass clarinet), Lenard Simpson (alto), Brent Griffin (alto), Kenneth Leftridge (tenor), Quentin Coaxum (trumpet), Constantine Alexander (trumpet), Adam Thornburg (trombone), Kendall Moore (trombone), Royce Harrington (trombone), Larry Brown (guitar), Justin Dillard (piano), Joshua Ramos (bass), and Samuel Jewell (drums)

With Special guests - Keith Winford (spoken word), Meagan McNeal (voice), and John Moore (trumpet)

On the very last song with a different and smaller group: Jacob Slocum (baritone), Nashon Holloway (voice), Imani Williams (voice), Melody Jones (voice), Lenard Simpson (alto), Irvin Pierce (tenor), Zara Zahareiva (violin), Runere Brooks (bass), Brian Quinlin (guitar), and Samuel Jewell (drums)

Jacob Slocum is an artist who approaches his medium of music through the lens of Jazz. Although firmly rooted in an ethos of Soulfulness (the Blues, the music of the Black Church, and the tradition of Jazz), Jacob lives by Charlie Parker's words that “there's no boundary line to art.” Jacob is an artist easily at home in a variety of settings and genres both secular and sacred and both instrumental and choral. Chicago's incredible tapestry of music provides fertile ground for Jacob to thrive.

This Album Release Show is celebrating the release of my second album "BISHOP." "BISHOP" is dedicated with love and gratitude to my second father, Pastor, mentor, and friend, the Rev. Dr. Leroy Albert Mitchell, who I have affectionately nicknamed “BISHOP.” This album tells his incredible story and testimony through music, mostly my original compositions, paired with interviews I did of him over the past few years. I used my two main bands, Rose Window and The Deacon Board, along with a couple other smaller configurations of musicians to record all of the music. The Musicians on this album are some of the best around and approach their music with passion and heart. They are each soulful in their own way and they inspire me.