Adiaphora Orchestra – Tickets – Constellation – CHICAGO, IL – October 26th, 2019
Adiaphora Orchestra

Adiaphora Orchestra

Ages 18+
A night of eclectic, large ensemble works

Johanna Brock - violin

Scott Rubin - viola

Erica Miller - cello

Ishamael Ali - cello/electronics

Jakob Heinemann - double bass

Eli Namay - double bass

Sarah Clausen - clarinet/alto saxophone

Chris Moore - alto saxophone/recorders

Jake Wark - soprano/tenor saxophone

Joe Suihkonen - trumpet

Mark Mahoney - trumpet/accordion

David Fletcher - trombone

Matt Riggen - tuba/trumpet

Anna Munzesheimer - voice

Ben Perkins - veena

Chloe Lin - pipa

KG Price - turntables

Matt Piet - piano

Emerson Hunton - drum set

Adam Shead - conduction/composition

Adiaphora Orchestra is a Chicago based mixed chamber orchestra directed by Adam Shead. The ensemble consists of musicians from a variety of performance practices creating a kind of incidental or indifferential music. Utilizing instruments such as pan flute, turntables, pipa, veena, accordion, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings the ensemble creates unique timbral and textural situations resulting in a vast eclecticism.