Adam Shead's Adiaphora Orchestra (record release) – Tickets – Constellation – CHICAGO, IL – April 30th, 2020
Adam Shead's Adiaphora Orchestra (record release)

Adam Shead's Adiaphora Orchestra (record release)

$10.00 - $12.00
Ages 18+
Adiaphora Orchestra's Record Release

Founded in the Winter of 2017 Adam Shead’s Adiaphora Orchestra is a large mixed chamber orchestra performing the compositions and conductions of percussionist composer, and educator Adam Shead. The Adiaphora Orchestra, located in Chicago, IL, is comprised of the city's finest rising star improvisers from a variety of performance idioms and practices. Including a full string, brass, woodwind, auxiliary, and rhythm section the ensemble performs what Shead calls “indifference music”. Adiaphora, meaning an act that is neither moral nor immoral is the basis for the music of the ensemble, performing long form pieces that have little interest in codified ways of knowing musical expression. This resistance to the codified structures of improvisation brings about a type of musical indifference, or rather a love from the ensemble for creating something that is uniquely their own, something not bound to the constructs of musical hierarchy. The Adiaphora Orchestra will be releasing its debut album “Miniature Paintings and the Impossible Warehouse” through Chicago, IL based record label Amalgam Music.

Adam Shead - Composition/Conduction

Anna Munzesheimer - Voice

Johanna Brock - Violin/Voice

Scott Rubin - Viola

Erica Miller - Cello

Ishmael Ali - Cello/Electronics

Jakob Heinemann - Double Bass

Jeff Kimmel - Clarinet

Sarah Clausen - Alto Sax/Clarinet

Chris Moore - Alto Sax/Recorders

Jake Wark - Tenor Sax/Soprano Sax

Joe Suihkonen - Trumpet

Mark Mahoney - Trumpet/Accordion

David Fletcher - Trombone

Matt Riggen - Tuba/Trumpet

Matt Murphy - Toy Instruments

Ben Perkins - Veena

Chloe Lin - Pipa

Matt Piet - Piano

Ben Zucker - Vibraphone/Voice/Trumpet

Emerson Hunton - Drum Set